Détails sur la formation

Electrical Safety for Unqualified Individuals

 Note de passage requise : 70 %
 Durée du certificat : 3 ans


Introduction to electrical safety for individuals who are unqualified for work involving electricity but who may still be in the presence of electrical hazards in the course of their work.

Module 0: Introduction
Module 1: Distinction Between Electric Shock and Arc Flash
Module 2: Use of Electrical Equipment
Module 3: Condition of the Equipment
Module 4: Safety of the Surroundings
Module 5: Conclusion

50  /  Participant
 30 minutes

Plan du cours

Module 0: Introduction

  • Word of Welcome
  • Course Objectives

Module 1: Distinction Between Electric Shock and Arc Flash

  • Electric Shock
  • Electric Arc Flash
  • Comparative Statistics

Module 2: Use of Electrical Equipment

  • Actuation of Disconnecting Device
  • Disconnection of Electrical Devices
  • Use of Electrical and Extension Cords

Module 3: Condition of the Equipment

  • Safe Disconnection Operation
  • Opening of Circuit Breakers

Module 4: Safety of the Surroundings

  • Flammable Products
  • Safe Approach Distance for Overhead Power Lines
  • Shock Protection Boundaries in Factories (600 V)

Module 5: Conclusion