Détails sur la formation

Combustible Dust and Explosive Atmospheres

 Note de passage requise : 70 %
 Durée du certificat : 3 ans


This training course aims to allow individuals to correctly identify explosive atmospheres and the hazards presented by combustible dust. At the end of the training course, participants will also know how static electricity is generated and how to control it. Finally, participants will be informed of the main existing prevention and protection measures that exist to prevent and control incidents related to combustible dust.

50  /  Participant
 1 heure

Plan du cours

Module 0: Introduction
Module 1: Explosive Atmospheres
Module 2: Combustible Dust
Module 3: Preventing the Creation of an Explosive Atmosphere
Module 4: Preventing the Ignition of an Explosive Atmosphere
Module 5: Fire and Explosion Protection Systems
Module 6: Emergency Procedures
Module 7: Inspection and Maintenance