Détails sur la formation

Training Capsule: Machine Guarding

 Note de passage requise : 70 %
 Durée du certificat : 3 ans


This training is intended for those responsible for the process of improving equipment safety (engineers, supervisors, maintenance and/or health and safety coordinators), members of the machine safety program implementation committee.
Following this training, the participant will be able to understand the risk analysis process, to know the different types of fixed guards, to measure the guards, the size of the openings and the distance of the guards.

90  /  Participant
 1 heure

Plan du cours

  • Introduction and definition
  • Prioritization of corrective actions
  • Fixed guards and hazardous area locations
  • Reaching Up a Protector
  • Reaching over a guard
  • Reaching from below a lower limb protector
  • Reaching Through a Protector